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jj lacrosse joe and gabi crescent bay over look laguna beach We are the Dawsons. Our family consists of Joe, Gabi and JJ and we live in Orange County, California . We lead busy, active lives that seem to get busier each year. We love to spend time together at the beach, in the mountains or simply 'hanging out' but it gets more difficult to carve out that time as JJ gets older and more involved with his school and friends. The one thing we ALWAYS do is take a really fabulous summer vacation - just the three of us - and we take turns planning that big trip. In addition we schedule frequent, shorter trips and often they are to go camping in California. Camping is a great way to enjoy a CHEAP WEEKEND (STAYCATION) or a very economical longer vacation away from home in the great outdoors. Even with gas prices is really inexpensive to camp - so give it a will be very glad you did.

Camping is not for everyone - and it certainly was not for ME! When the girls were young we vacationed in hotels, condos and cruise ships. Camping was a cabin with ALL of the conveniences of home. But…then came JJ and when he was about 8 or 9 he and Joe got involved in Indian Guides. They had so much fun on their camping trips I actually felt left out! That, is when we started camping as a family. We have really had a lot of fun, learned many lessons and enjoyed so many experiences that would have been unavailable with a real roof over our heads!

No good deed goes unpunished, however….one night as we were huddled together to stay warm in the sub zero night JJ asked, "Why didn't we stay in a condo, again?" I explained that we were providing this wonderful experience for him and that while a condo was $200 per night - the campsite was only $15….he said, "Hello, camping is cheap because it sucks!" Naturally, when the sun came up and we were certain we were going to live - breakfast cooked over an open fire tasted better than ever!

dawson family hendy woods Is camping for you and your family? It is inexpensive even with the current price of gas - when compared to airline and hotel prices. You can have a lot of fun on a BUDGET! You can see and do things TOGETHER that you might not have even imagined before your first camping trip! Your camping gear can also double as your Emergency Preparedness supplies for earthquakes or other unexpected disasters. Kids love the outdoors and you can let them get DIRTY, climb a tree and have unique and memorable experiences - that are not tracked into your living room! There is really only one way to find out if camping is for you............give it and try and see! We think you will be really glad you did! And, I know your kids will LOVE IT!

Get ready for your FIRST CAMPING TRIP!

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