Tent Vs Recreational Vehicle

A First-timer's Guide

first time motorhome tourist We have done both and there are pros and cons for each. RVs are certainly more comfortable - no question about that. But they are expensive to rent and very expensive to drive with the price of gas constantly on the rise! Compared to hotel and restaurant prices they can be a big saving and allow you to get a lot closer to nature and the outdoor experience. An RV might be just perfect for your first camping trip!

first motorhome campsite text messaging from the top bunk We took an RV down the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska and it worked out beautifully. There was no way we could transport our gear to Anchorage or acquire it there. Andů.the constant rain and my fear of bears made the RV a much better choice! We were comfortable and had the benefit of having our hotel room with a bathroom and the ability to prepare our own meals wherever we ended up each day! We were able to stay in some breathtaking places that were fairly remote with many of the comforts of home!

Tent camping is the most economical and really affords a different adventure as you cook and sleep under the stars (or in the rain) and in the sand or dirt! Sleeping in a tent is quiet and you actually feel the cold or warmth of the night. Cooking over an open fire just smells and tastes fabulous - maybe it's the dirt?

I think both options involve a lot of planning and are certainly more work than staying home but is definitely WORTH THE EFFORT! We would happily go camping next weekend to the mountains, desert or beach and take a tent or an RV - let me start my list and get packing!

best o both worlds